Issue How do you reprint cheques from the payment journal.  I mistakenly printed them on plain cheque paper.
Solution In the A/P cheque run, to reprint your cheques due to a printer error, or something similar, first you must void these cheques (not Financial Void). From the Payments journal, click on the Payments button > Void All Cheques. You will notice that the Document No. field is now blank and the Cheque Printed field no longer has a checkmark in it.

Next, click on the Payments button > Print Cheque. And on the Options tab, put a checkmark in the REPRINT CHEQUES field, and change the LAST CHEQUE NO. field accordingly.

Remember, the last cheque number is the one before the first cheque number that you are reprinting. For example, in the stack of cheque the first cheque is numbered:102564.The Last Cheque Number would then be: 102563.