"It looks like somebody else is in the middle of a cheque run right now, found records in table AP Check and/or AP Check Stub"


This message occurs if there are records found in the advanced cheque add-on tables #23011000 "AP Check" and/or #23011001 "AP Check Stub".


The most common reason for these hung entries is when the printing process for a cheque run is interrupted. For example: Navision user prints a cheque from Navision but the print job is cancelled, printer turned off during printing and/or a mis-feed of paper in the printer. If the message is regularly occurring for an individual user, it is recommended that user's procedure steps and AP option selected in Print Cheque function is reviewed.


Check the following before proceeding:


  • Fully process any other Journal Batches before proceeding
  • Super User role or Object Designer permission level is required for user processing solution

Option 1 - Recommended


  • Print the remittance information for the Payment Journal entries
    • Tools > Object Designer > Select Report #23011001 "Cheque Separate Remittance" and print to plain paper 

This will clear the hung entries in the #23011000 "AP Check" and/or #23011001 "AP Check Stub" tables. 


If the Payment Journal entries are right and no correcting is required (i.e. voiding and reprinting cheques) Post the entries.


If the Payment Journal entries need correcting (i.e. voiding and reprinting cheques), then follow the below steps.


  • Void the cheque entries
    • To void all Payment Journal entries: Payments button > Void All Cheques > Yes to confirmation message
    • To void some entries: Select entries to void > Payments button > Void Cheque > Yes to confirmation message 
  • Print cheques
    • Process the cheque printing as per usual procedures. Note: Update the last Cheque Used field in the cheque printing Options tab

Option 2 - Use if printing the remittance information did not clear hung entries 


  • Open Object Designer in the same company where the message is occurring in the Payment Journal, open Object Designer.
    • Tools > Object Designer > Select Table or All in left menu selection 
  • Open and clear the entries in #23011000 "AP Check" and/or #23011001 "AP Check Stub" tables. 
    • Select table > Run button > select all entries > right-click mouse and Delete

This will clear the hung entries in the #23011000 "AP Check" and/or #23011001 "AP Check Stub" tables.  Reprocess the cheque run in AP Payment Journal.