Substatus was created to allow our clients to assign a level of priority to their issues. Internally, we can also change these levels whenever we update issues, so it is quite useful!

Some of the levels are self-explanatory. But the thought process behind the others might need a little explaining. Here is a list of the substatus levels:

?Awaiting Client Response
?Testing (Client)
?Ready to Close
?Reviewing (Staff)
?On Hold

Critical, High, Medium, and Low:
 Fairly straight-forward.  Denotes the level of urgency.

Awaiting Client Response:
 When you've responded to an issue, and are simply waiting for the client to reply.

Testing (Client):
 Similar to the last one, but it reminds the client that they have to do some testing.

Ready to Close:
 Obviously, this issue can be closed.

Reviewing (Staff):
 This is helpful when you are reviewing your list of issues, to remind you that you are still handling this issue.

On Hold:
 For whatever reason, either the client or someone from Open Door has put this issue on hold.

Hopefully this makes the HelpDesk a little easier to use.  If you have any suggestions, just let us know.