Obtain the signatures:

  1. Provide client with signature template for signing (see attachment).
  2. Obtain signed signature template from client and review to ensure you have good quality signatures to start with (dark, clear, within the lines).

Scan the template:

  1. Scan using resolution = 150 DPI (used default settings for HP3330-LaserJet All-in-One) and save to a *.bmp file.

Prepare and edit the individual signatures:

  1. Use screen capture program (I used OneNote screen clipping functionality) to capture the entire signature block including borders being careful to get just the borders.
  2. Open MS Paint (Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint) and Copy/Paste the screen clipping from OneNote to Paint.
  3. Then use Image > Attributes to change the Width = 470 and Height = 92
  4. Use the eraser tool in Paint to erase the borders from the scanned image.
  5. Use Select tool in Paint to select the actual signature and then center it vertically and horizontally.
  6. Use File > Save As to save the file as a 24-bit Bitmap (*.bmp,*.dib) file.
  7. Close Paint.
  8. Open the file using IrfanView (free picture viewer/editing software available from the web (www.irfanview.com)
  9. Use Image > Resize/Resample and change the DPI setting to 200.
  10. Save the file.