How do I Process an AP Batch Cheque Run?


Go to Financial Management > Payables>Payment Journals.

Select or create a batch for this cheque run.

You can either input the vendors manually, and continue on; or click the Payments button > Suggest Vendor Payments and set the parameters for this payment batch. Click 'Yes' to run the Pre-Cheque Register. (The Pre-Cheque Register can be run again by clicking on the Print button.)

When you have all the information input into the batch that you require, click the Posting button > Test Report, to view the batch report. Examine this report for any errors. Fix any errors.

To print cheques, click the Payments button > Print Cheque. Click on the Options tab, verify the settings for the cheques. Click OK to print.

Then after all cheques have been printed, click the Posting button > Post and Print.