Client requested instructions on how an AP Payment User can apply multiple vendor invoices while processing wire and internet payment in the Payment Journal.

Client recently implemented Responsibility Centres and new security roles and permissions.  AP Payment User cannot access the Vendor Ledger Entries.


Note:  These steps apply when paying all invoices owning to a vendor (before and up to Suggest Vendor Payments "Last Payment Date")

Also when the Navision user wants to eliminate extra step of applying vendor payment and invoices within the Vendor Ledger Entries after-the-fact.

Step 1: Create single vendor line entry in payment journal using Suggest Vendor Payments

Payment Journal Batch > Payments > Suggest Vendor Payments

Enter the following criteria and ignore other fields.
Field Tab:
No. = filter by vendor (i.e. 3008)

Options Tab:
Last Payment Date = invoices with before and up date to include
Summarize per Vendor = Yes (Checked)
Posting Date = enter appropriate date
Bal. Account Type = G/L Account (default)


A single line entry for the lump sum owing to the vendor will appear in the payment journal.  This should match the lump sum paid via wire or internet transfer.

Note:  To double-check which invoices are included in the lump sum amount (auto-filled from Suggest Vendor Payments function)
Click on the "Applies-to-Doc. No." lookup button in the field.  This opens the "Apply Vendor Entries" table for the vendor and all entries will be applied to the payment entry after posting.
Step 2: Enter any processing fees or additional charges 

Note: Enter as per usual method 

Step 3: Enter entry to bank account for total credit amount of charges (i.e. Vendor invoices + wire fees)

Note: Enter as per usual method 

Step 4: Post the payment entries

The payment will be applied to all outstanding invoices included within the Last Payment Date specified in the Suggest Vendor Payments function.  Double-check by opening Vendor Ledger Entries and review any OPEN entries.