Trying to Post AP Journal entries originally posted from Reoccurring Journal.  Entries include credit amounts.  Receiving the message:

"Amount must be positive in Gen. Journal Line Journal Template Name ='***', Journal Batch Name='***', Line No. ='***'.

The message refers to line entries for Credit Memo amounts for the Vendor.  Entries are not summarized per vendor and have same Document No for all.  (So 1 cheque prints for all entries)  The Document Type is "Payment" in AP Payment Journal for all entries. 

 Cause The reoccurring batch entries were posted with Blank Document Type.  If this happens, the Payment Journal treats those entries as having a Document Type of Invoice.  Entries with Document Type of Invoice (as per original entry posting) require a positive amount in the AP Payment Journal when posting.  Because the entries including negative amounts (should have had original posting Document Type of Credit Memo) but treated as Invoices in Payment Journal, the message occurred and posting refused.

1. Reverse the reoccurring entries. 

2. Re-do reoccurring entries with correct Document Type filled in. (Invoice or Credit Memo)

3. Void cheque in AP Payment Journal and delete entries.

4. Reprocess AP Payment Journal (Print cheque and Post)