Sending AP EFT email notification with remittance details included in email body.  (See attached example)

Setup Email Body Details:

Financial Management > Setup > Notifications Setup

General Tab:
Auto Notification = check
SMTP Server Name = email server
SMTP Server User ID = email sender

Notifications Tab:
Payment EFT Notification = check
Payment EFT Notification Type = select type

Setting up Notifications Type

Financial Management > Setup > Notifications Setup > Notifications Tab > select lookup arrow next to Payment EFT Notification Type

Enter new line:
Notification = EFT
Subject = email subject line i.e. Notification of payment to your account
Sent from address = enter address
Select Email Body button

%4 - Payment in the amount of
$%1 has been made to you bank
account on %5
If you have any questions
please email *insert email*

Summary AP EFT process steps

1. Create EFT payment journal entries in Payment Journal
2. Export entries
3. Transmit entries
4. Confirm Bank received payment
5. Send EFT notifications 

6. Post entries

(Financial Mgmt > Purchases > Periodic Activities > Payment Email Notifications > select Journal and Batch > OK)

Note: The email body will not include remittance details if the EFT email notification is send after posting the AP Payment Journal.