This procedure works for copying Customer, Vendor, and Item cards across companies in Navision.

1. Open up a Navision client -> select the customer card that you want to make a copy of in Company A (the company to copy FROM)

2. Select Edit Tab -> Copy

3. Open up another Navision client, open up Company B (the company to copy TO), go to the customer card, create a new customer, select Edit Tab -> Paste

4.  You may have to give the customer a new number in Company B, depending on how the 'No. Series' is set up.  If the 'No. Series' is manual, if may not be an issue.

5.  Any supporting records belonging to this customer that you want to copy, should be copied separately now.  For example:  Dimensions do not get copied across using this technique.

Another method is for ODT to develop a utility to run this function.  Depending on the client and desired detail involved, there can be a minor or significant cost associated to this.  Contact ODT for further information.