Issue Deposits not being applied
Solution When Client enters a deposit and applies portions of it to invoices, not the full amount of the invoices, sometimes these entries do not apply to each other.

The customer ledger entries show that they have been applied, but they are not cleared.

When you are applying the deposit to the customer entries (Financial Management > Cash Management > Deposit > Functions > Apply Entries), if you DO NOT click OK, but instead click CANCEL or click the X to close this window, then post your deposit, these applying entries do not get applied to the payment.

Be sure to click OK after you have applied your payment to the invoices.

Development Solution:
Added following prompt on esc or cancel in application form
Form 232
Form - OnQueryCloseForm() : Boolean

//PD01.02 2005-10-24 ODTCR - Start
  EXIT(CONFIRM('Are you sure you want to cancel the Customer Application?',FALSE));
//PD01.02 2005-10-24 ODTCR - End