EDI Processing Clarification


When the file is received from Sterling the files are placed in the Common Receive File were all transactions are in the one file.  Once the receive E.D.I Documents is processed the files are:

1. Moved from the common receive to the common receive \Archive and appended with the next value defined in the E.D.I. Setup "Common Rename String " i.e. CVT20070423000C0000440.EDI

2. The files are split and each document is then created as a separate file and placed in the Folder defined on the template associated with the Trade Partner's Document mapping.  Currently in the sterling case is EDI\SCR\inbox. i.e. SCRCVT Shipping Advice-945-IUS0002696-.edi.

3. Once the Receive files are processed the individual files are renamed and placed in the EDI\SCR\archive folder i.e. SCRCVT Shipping Advice-945-IUS0002696-RUS0003102.edi

When processing the Receive E.D.I. Documents -> Receive All E.D.I. Documents all files in the common receive directory are processed.  Any file that has an error is left in the directory and is not moved to the Commen Receive\archived folder.  The individual files are created in each trade partner \inbox folder, automatically creates the Receive document, processes the Receive document and performs the create/update etc.  The file is then moved to the inbox\archived folder.

You can do these processes individually from the Processing -> File Cabinet and using functions button to go to the common receive folders, inboxes etc. and processing each step individually.