Changing Tray Inputs for Print & Post


When print and posting a sales Invoice/Cr. Memo the paper is being selected from the default tray containing plain paper.  The letter head is located in Tray 2.  How do we save the report to use tray 2 rather than the default?

To save the paper tray other than the default for a Navision Invoice:

When print and post is selected Navision uses the report id defined in the report selections usage for Posted Sales Invoice.  This is the report that must be updated.  To do this you go to Financial Management, Receivables, History, Posted Invoice.  Select any posted invoice and press the print button.

With the report options open go to File, Page Setup.  Change the First Page and Other Pages options to the desired tray.  Press OK to retain the setup.  The report options can now be closed and the setup is retained in the zup file for the user.

This must be replicated for each user's workstation.

This process can be replicated for any report in Navision.