This article is intended to provide you with the current information to allow for installing and accessing our latest ODT Addon trial environments.  Please note that this is not expected to provide full training or explanation of the setup and detailed use of our add-ons but rather provide an opportunity to try the basic features in NAV.

The add-on clients can be accessed from the following link:

The experience will be tailored for the product based on the login selected.

For reviewing ODT Intercompany, please use the following login:

User ID
User Password

For reviewing ODT Advanced Check (Payables), please use the following login:

User ID
User Password
<ODTAC trial o be released>

In the related database there are both a CA and US Cronus company for you to review the solution in.  Please select the company applicable for your region to try it with your anticipated company region.  For information on how to select a company please review this article.

See the following walkthroughs for sample scenarios to try:

For video and overview presentations please see:

Inter-Company (ODTIC) Addon Demonstration

<ODTAC trial o be released>

Please note that our addons are intended for North America, although we have provided our ODTIC with DE (Germany) localization in NAV 2016.  We sell, distribute and support our solutions via the Dynamics partner channel.

For more information please contact our sales team via

*Open Door Technology reserves the right to refresh the trial database and/or environment at anytime without notice.