Issue Setting up an ODT user with PDF auto invoicing functionality
A couple of steps need to be taken to get this to work properly. This information was gathered from the acrobate 4.0 readme.

1. Un-installed any acrobat versions that are currently installed.
2. Make sure you have a Post Script printer installed. To check this, click start then printers and faxes. Look for any printers that end in PS.
3. If you do not have any post script printers installed, go ahead and setup a dummy post script printer.
     -Start->Printer & Faxes
     -Add a printer->Local Printer
     -Create a new printer port, and give it a dummy name. Then select any model of printer to installed that ends in PS

4. Now installed Acrobat 4.0. Located  at Q:\Acrobat\Acrobat 4\ACROBAT4\setup.exe
5. Accept the defaults during the installation.
6. Now setup the distiller so that it does not view the files after is creates it.

Add Adobe Acrobat Distiller to the "Printers and Faxes" as a printer that can be selected on the user's computer.  User version 4.0 with previous instructions for installing and setting upa  printer.

Must also ensure in Acrobat Distiller File/Preferences that you do not have selected a prompt for file location and name nor view the file in Acrobate.

The ODTSoftware folder contains an installation folder for Adobe Acrobat 4.0.

General Ledger\Users\User Setup :
Add the "User ID" that the user logs into Navision with.
Set up the "PDF Initial Directory" field to the default directory where the Adobe Acrobat Distiller creates its' files.  From Navision, when you try to "Post and Send" a PDF Invoice, this is the directory that the Acrobat Distiller will initially create the PDF file.
(EXAMPLE:  C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 4.0\PDF Output)
Set up the "PDF Target Directory" field.  This is the final directory where you would like all generated PDF files to end up once they have been generated and sent.  Navision will move the PDF file from the "PDF Initial Directory" to the "PDF Target Directory", with a unique filename for each PDF file sent.  NOTE - recommend that this be the same directory for each user who is generating PDF invoices, so that all invoices have the same final resting place.
(EXAMPLE:  M:\Invoices\2006-01)  (previous "PDF Target Directory" was Z:\ODT Billing File\2004-12)
NOTE - the final part of the "PDF Target Directory" can be changed each month - for each user - if desired, to keep all invoices separated on a monthly basis.  Thus, M:\Invoices\2006-01 would be for January 2006 invoices.  
Change this to M:\Invoices\2006-02 for February 2006 invoices.
NOTE - must get Michael Fluker (or IT Support) to give the new user access to the M:\Invoices directory, same privileges as Sera and Wilma have as of Jan. 6/06.
From Object Designer, do a "Run" on "Report Selections" Table 77, and you should see the following record.  If not, you should add it:
Usage                Sequence   Report ID   Report Name
S.Invoice PDF   1                23011030   Sales Invoice PDF-ODT
 From the user's computer who will be generating PDF invoices, go to Object Designer, do a "Run" on "Printer Selection" Table 78.  You need to add a record here so that the "Sales Invoice PDF-ODT" report gets printed out to the Acrobat Distiller PDF printer that has been added to the "Printer Selection", as follows.  You can determine the "Printer Name" by going into the "Printers and Faxes" setup on the user's computer. Just type the word 'Acrobat Distiller' in the 'Printer Name', and the rest will be filled in for you.
User ID              Report ID   Printer Name                     Report Name
 WILMA           23011030     Acrobat Distiller,Ne02:    Sales Invoice PDF-ODT
KGRANT         23011030     Acrobat Distiller,Ne04:     Sales Invoice PDF-ODT
From the ODT Customer Card, go to the "Invoicing" TAB.  The "Invoice Format" should be set to "Email".  Do a drill-down on the "Invoice Emails" field.  This gives you a list of all of the contacts for this customer.  At least one contact needs to exist for somebody to get an email.  When testing, just add one or more ODT contacts, as follows:
Contact No.    Contact Name       Email
1345               Sarah Roach
 PROS5979    Wilma Roach
 PROS5970    Grant Kanwischer
A dummy Sales Invoice for ODT has been created (Posted Sales Invoice 4614).  Select PRINT\Send PDF.  This should send a PDF document to all of the above contacts
You should go to another user's machine and make sure that they see the PDF invoice that was just sent, in the "PDF Target Directory" (ie. M:\Invoices\2006-01).