Apply Customer Entries Form
On the form Apply customer entries, there is a field Appln. Remaining Amount which is calculated when opening the form.

on my 1st line and 2nd line, i have no currencies and the Appln. Remaining Amount is calculated well.

on my 3rd line, i have USD as currency and Posting date 23/07/09.
On my 4th line, i have USD as currency and Posting date 01/07/09.

In all subsequent lines with USD, the system instead of taking exchange rates based on the Posting Date, it takes 23/07/09.


On this form as you would have noticed that posting date is blank so system does not follow the principal which  I mentioned above. On this form, the rates are picked as on "Work Date". System will pick the rates and will show the appl rema amount after calculating on grounds of rate present on ur work date on which u r performing this activity.

So it is correct not a bug if u think so.