From the posted sales invoice list, re-print the required sales invoice.

Shows invoices for customers. You can print invoices for all or specific customers. You can print invoices on generic forms or on plain paper using this report.

The unit price quoted on this form is the direct price adjusted by and line discounts or other adjustments.


Field Description
Number of Copies
Enter the number of copies that you want to print. The default is to print the original invoice. Enter 1 to print an original and one copy for a total of two invoices. You will always get one original in addition to the number of copies you enter here.
Print Company Address
Select to print on plain paper or if your company address is not pre-printed on your forms. If you do not select this field, your company's address will not print on the report.
Log Interaction
Select if you want to record the reports that you print as interactions.