Introduced in NAV 2017 is the ability to distribute email remittance advice via the EFT export process.  Blogs to refer to about configuring EFT data exchange definition is:

Note that for CA, RBC Standard requires Input Qualifier in addition the the specific settings including:

Vendor Bank Account record, must have Country Code = CA, Bank No., Branch No. + Transit No. (same value) and the Account number.

Must select use for electronic payments to be valid.

Standard process uses the email address from the vendor card during remittance emailing.

The required setups in order to send vendor remittances via email when exporting electronic payments are:

1. Go to Report Selections Purchase - (Departments/Purchase/Order Processing/Setup). Choose the following:

Usage: Vendor Remittance
Report ID: 11383

2. Go to the Vendor Card for the vendor in question, on the Ribbon click the Navigate tab, then 'Document Layouts' in the Vendor Group. Verify the following is set:

Usage: Vendor Remittance
Report ID: 11383
Send To Email: Populate accordingly

3. Verify the SMTP Mail Setup is populated with the customer's SMTP server info. You can reference the following MSDN article for proper setup:

After these three setups are in place, when you Export an Electronic Payment and select the Output Method of 'Email', an email should be created with the remittance.

Article Reference:

For prior versions of NAV 2013 to 2016 Open Door Technology does offer a Canadian specific solution for EFT and emailing of remittance advice.  Contact us if this is of interest.