The more details you provide the less correspondence and guessing we need to invest.  This lowers the turn around time, cost, frustration and makes you happier!

If there is an error message, you can typically copy and paste the error contents by using Ctrl+C.  Providing us the steps to recreate the error is critical especially when it is an issue for our development team to review. Business Central has a Copy Details button on some error messages, it lets you grab the information so you can easily paste it.

Recommendations for capturing screenshots:

  • Use the Ctrl+Alt+PrtScr buttons to take a screenshot of the active screen when you have multiple monitors.
  • Use the Windows Snipping Tool to capture screen areas.

Want to provide steps to re-produce an error or process you are encountering?  If you are using Windows 7 or later please try:

Do you have a favorite tool or way to provide this detail?  Feel free to do so and share your process!