The custom object access and ability to assign the number is the same for the license type (Perpetual or Subscription) but is dependent on whether they have the extended pack or not.


A customer who has “Starter Pack” does have included custom objects but can only renumber 10 CodeUnits only:

But does have access to TableData, Page, Query, Report and XMLPort custom objects granted in the standard NAV License (can not renumbered):

Module Range From Range To Object Type Permission
350 Starter Pack 50000 50099 Page RIMDX
350 Starter Pack 50000 50099 Query RIMDX
350 Starter Pack 50000 50099 Report RIMDX
350 Starter Pack 50000 50009 TableData RIMD-
350 Starter Pack 50000 50099 XMLPort RIMDX

With “Extended Pack” the customer has access to the pre-defined starter pack fifty-thousand range and additional objects that can be assigned as follows:


With a subscription license a customer still receives a certain number of custom objects in the 50,000 range but again they are not assignable (Except for the 10 included codeunits):

With a subscription license there is still a concept of licensing extended which is “Extended Additive User SAL” and must be equal to the total number of User SAL licensed. You then add to the license the number of custom object ranges in addition to the standard provided which include:

Purchased TableData........: 10

Purchased Report...........: 100

Purchased Codeunit.........: 10

Purchased Page.............: 100

Purchased XMLPort..........: 100

These additional objects are assignable.


 Therefore, it will depend on the type of license and/or whether the customer has extended pack and the number of objects in the license.