Copying a company is a recommended process to use for creating a temporary backup or a test company.  When starting your Dynamics 365 implementation we recommend you create a copy before posting your opening balances and use the copy for an end to end unit testing before going live for example.

Important notes:

(If on-premise, check with your IT contact to ensure you have enough server database storage space to complete the copy)

  1. Copying a company is an intensive task. Please do it during off-working hours (nights or weekends).
  2. Since the process is resource-intensive, please expect it would take time to finish. The client may appear to be frozen during the copy, don’t worry, this is normal for large companies/databases if you experience this behavior.

            Based on the size of your production company, it can take hours to complete the copy.

  1. After the new company is created, I highly recommend you to go into the Company Information page of the company and change the System Indicator Text as well as Indicator Style so that people will know what company they are in. 

            The setting will apply to the system indicator ribbon on the top-right corner of the client.

Please find the related guide attached.

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