The purpose of this article is to provide information regarding how to change (add/buy or reduce/cancel) your existing license subscription accounts via the online shop.  Please note that as per our terms and conditions additions are prorated and reductions are reflected on the next billing cycle.

login to and click on Billing in the top menu.

Review the "Subscriptions" on the bottom of the screen and choose to view the Active subscriptions.

In the next screen have them click on the Active Subscriptions. A list of subscriptions will then come up. You can then hover over the box on the right hand side and select to Buy (Add) or Cancel (Remove or Cancel) applicable licenses.

If Buying/Adding, enter the additional license quantity and submit.

To Cancel/Reduce, in the next dialogue box you can select to cancel a number a number of seats (reduce) or cancel the whole subscription.

Select the related option and enter the quantity to reduce by as applicable: