Recently, Microsoft has been making exciting changes with regards to the system foundation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  With these type of changes, come challenges with regards to unique tenant customizations that may be made for your organization to extend the base functionality of Business Central with your organization's needs.

An example of these notifications may look like the following:

These are notifications are generated automatically by a Microsoft service that does a preliminary scan of customized Business Central tenants and checks the existing installed extensions for compatibility with planned upgrades to the next application version.

You can manage to add notification contacts for your tenant to be alerted to these necessary reviews and revisions via the Business Central Admin link via: 

ODT works to be proactive by receiving these notifications, reviewing the changes across our customers and platforms to determine the necessary efforts to update the customizations to bring your application into compliance for the next Microsoft update.

If these type of Microsoft changes occur during the life cycle of a project, the related effort will be addressed via a project change order.  Otherwise, the will be estimated and treated as a billable support service.

For detailed information on the breaking changes and what needs to be addressed, 

An important decision is whether the extension is required any longer.  They can also be removed should the related functionality or addon no longer be desired.

Important: If you are using the extension, you can continue using the extension on the current version for 90 days. After 90 days, you will be updated to the next release without the extension. Please ensure that together, we have resolved the extension compatibility issue described above prior to such date.