Microsoft Promotion to Transition to Business Central Online!

Are you intending to upgrade NAV to Business Central or transition your on-premise Business Central to the Cloud in the next 4 years?

As of September 1, 2021, Microsoft has launched the new program "Bridge to the Cloud promotion"!  This promotion is available to support existing SMB perpetual customers using Dynamics NAV, GP, SL, and Business Central on-premises deployments who are committed to moving to the cloud.   By connecting the benefits of your current Enhancement Plan with a discounted Cloud-based pricing option we can work together to lower your cost of ownership af getting to the cloud!

This new promotion enables existing customers that are active on their Enhancement Plan (EP) to renew through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program and receive Dynamics 365 Business Central online licenses up to 60% discount.

There are a lot of conditions around the policy, who is eligible, and how to execute.  We want to help make this as easy for you to evaluate whether this is a valuable opportunity for you and your organization so, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

The following are the summary conditions and answers to common questions. 

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The promo begins on September 1, 2021 and enrollment expires on December 31, 2022

Customers who choose to renew their EP through the Bridge to the Cloud promo receive the following benefits:

• Price point equal to their Enhancement Plan renewal quote

• Dual access and downgrade rights to their current on-premises Dynamics Price List (DPL) product (Dynamics 365 Business Central, on-premises, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP, or Dynamics SL)

• Monthly billing option (subject to CSP partner approval)

• Enhancement Plan benefits throughout the term of the promo

• Dynamics 365 Business Central online licenses for migration to the cloud

Q & A

Q: How does this promo differ from the CSP Enhancement Plan (CSP-EP) Renewal Offer, of 2020?

A: The main differences are as follows:

  1. One-way Transition: Customers who enroll in the Bridge to the Cloud promo are committed to their transition to the cloud. The expectation is that the customer will move to CSP licensing going forward and will fully migrate to Business Central online after their promo term expires.