The Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for the ODT shop allows you as a customer to self-manage who in your organization will access your Storefront and what each of their users can do.  There are two types of users: Admin and simple user. 

  • The admin user can create new users for your organization and assign one or more roles to each user
  • Each simple user has access only to a specific set of Storefront features based on their work needs and eligibility.

To get started the primary account contact can manage your organization's users via

User Types & Roles

Admin User

This user type has full rights for managing users.

Simple User

This user type has a range of restricted access rights dependent on the role(s) that the user is assigned to. Each Storefront user can have one or more of the following five roles that can be configured in terms of access rights and permissions: 


RoleRole Description
Billing AgentThis role is responsible for managing the billing details and for making payments.
Subscriptions ManagerThis role is responsible for managing the subscriptions (adding extra licenses, purchasing add-ons, etc.). He cannot place an order for a new product.
BuyerThis role is responsible for placing new orders and request trials.
Cloud AdministratorThis role is responsible for managing the services in the My Workspace section.
My Storefront ManagerThis is a special role that is available only to resellers that have been upgraded to the Standard Edition. This role allows the user to access the administration section of Standard Reseller’s Storefront.