Welcome to the ODT Help Desk!

If an account has been created for you by Open Door Technology, you would have received an email with information on activating your account and selecting a password. 

To log into our ODT Help Desk portal, please go to the website https://support.opendoorerp.com, click on Customer Login Page button then login with your account.

Entering Tickets by Email

Tickets can be entered in the Help Desk by sending an email to support@opendoorerp.com.

The subject of the email will become the subject of the Ticket. The body of the email will become the body of the ticket.

You will receive back an email from the Help Desk letting you know that ODT has received your request and that it is being processed. 

You will receive additional email as the consultants work through the issue.

You can reply back to the email which will update the issue, or you can open the issue by clicking on the link provided.

By clicking on the link a screen similar to the screen below will open.

Entering Tickets Through the Help Desk

Tickets can be entered by logging onto the Help Desk and entering a new ticket.

Select New support ticket. It will open up the screen below.

All fields with a * need to be completed.


At the bottom of the screen the user can attach a file and submit the issue.

To understand what we consider billable support can be found here.