Welcome to the ODT helpdesk!

If you did not already receive an email about activating your account, please email support@opendoorerp.com to request a helpdesk portal login. While we send activation emails, they often end up in junk mail folders and can be missed. We'll send you a new one upon request.  

To make sure you get the best response time and we can assign the best available person to assist, requests for support and not related to an active project must be sent to the helpdesk. 

IMPORTANT:  When opening a ticket, make sure to include all details we need to best assist: environment, company name, what area/page/document/function, full screenshot showing the whole screen including the address bar of your browser, user or users affected, error message (tip: use the Copy Details/Share Details function in Business Central), etc. The more information you provide, the easiest it is for our team to analyze and reproduce the behavior and provide assistance. 

To log to ODT helpdesk portal, go to https://support.opendoorerp.com, click on Customer Login Page and enter your credentials.

Creating a ticket by sending an email

To create a ticket, you can simply email support@opendoorerp.com.

The subject of the email will become the subject of the Ticket. The body of the email will become the body of the ticket.

You will receive a confirmation email letting you know we received your request and are processing it. 

You will receive additional emails as the agents work on the request. To update a ticket, simply reply to the emails or navigate to the helpdesk portal to add notes, replies or additional documentation. 

Creating a ticket from the portal

You can also create new tickets directly from the portal. All fields with a * need to be completed. Use + Attach a file to include files with your request. 

Select New support ticket to open a new ticket form.


This article gives more information on how support is executed and billed: https://support.opendoorerp.com/support/solutions/articles/17000029679-what-is-considered-billable-support-

As a general rule, our helpdesk team will respond to all requests and all effort is billable, it’s your responsibility to make sure the person sending a support request has the authority. By contacting support, you are approving up to two hours of effort. If the effort to complete a request can be estimated, an estimate will be provided for requests requiring more than two hours of estimated effort to complete, and your approval will be required before we proceed with the work. Not all activities can be estimated.